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Image by Aaron Francis

Hey There,

My name is Kgshak Akec (pronounced Keh-shak A-kech).

I am a proud South-Sudanese Australian writer, storyteller, performing and community artist, and a lover of words; living, working, and writing on Wadawurrung Country | Geelong. 

About Me

Born in Morewe, North Sudan in 1997 to my mother Anyang Muorwel my father Valentino Akec, and four older siblings, from as early as I could remember, my life was full of colour and people who came in different hues of it. When I was three, we moved to Cairo, Egypt, and lived there until I was six. Memories are a funny thing because Cairo takes up a much bigger space in my memory bank than a three-year residence. When I was six, and the older sister to two younger sisters, we moved to Australia where I then became an older sister to two younger brothers. That was in 2003. 20 years later and I am still proud to call Australia home.

Since the moment I learned how to write in English at the age of six, I've been writing out the stories that live inside my mind. As a migrant and non-native English speaker, I'm fascinated by the unspoken words and unsung songs of the day-to-day, finding myself drawn to stories that challenge perception and go against the grain of the expected while also being grounded in truth. The ones that don't usually get told.

I  grew up in a culture of storytelling, raised by storytellers, song-singers, feet-stompers, and word-chanters, which compels my heart and soul to find stories in the unseen and overseen; and tell them.

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